Plants growing in the air

Amazing design! Floating plants in the air, free rotation. In line with European and American elegant and minimalist design, suitable for most scenes


Set plants free

This magic maglev flowerpot allows you to cultivate your favorite plants in mid air.

It consists of a rotating planter that hovers over an oak base, suspended via magnetic levitation.

Maglev planter nourishes life with 360 degrees of sunlight exposure, 365 days a year.

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Set the light bulb free

This is a magic levitating electric lamp that hovers by magnetic levitation and is powered through the air.

Designed in Sweden, the levitating electric lamp base is made of sustainably sourced oak, ash and walnut.

Levitating electric lamp use energy efficient LEDs rated at about 50,000 hours. That’s equivalent to 12 hours of usage a day for 11 years.

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